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April 1 till September 31

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 AM till  5 PM 

Sunday 12PM till 4PM .

Monday - Closed or by appointment only

October 1 till March 31

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 AM till 4 PM 

Sunday 12PM till 4PM .

Monday - Closed or by appointment only 

Enduring Gratitude


An Outdoor event for our Veterans

Enduring Gratitude Website

Next Event February  8th, 2020

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Beaver Pond Shooting Class

Shooting Class


Hours of Operation

 April 1 till September 31

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 AM till  5 PM 

Sunday 12PM till 4PM .

Monday - Closed or by appointment only

October 1 till March 31

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 AM till 4 PM 

Sunday 12PM till 4PM .

 Monday - Closed or by appointment only 

2276 West Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd

Snow Camp, NC  27349

Office: 336.376.1200    Cell:336.870.6006

Upland Hunting



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 This  is classic southern bird hunting, shooting at pointed birds over dogs.  Suspense grips you as you cautiously step in front of that quivering  nose. Much like hunting a busted covey for singles. Opportunities for  doubles are common, but only realized by a handful of shooters. Quail  and Chukar are the favorites and flush in singles with occasional covey  rises. A diverse hunt covering lots of habitat types. One to three  persons, full service or self-guided. 

Sporting Clays


Sporting Clay Page

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 A  typical course consists of 10 to 15 stations, with each station  presenting targets from trap machines. Usually 5 to 10 targets are shot  at each station by a squad of up to six shooters for a total outing of  50 to 100 targets per person. Targets are thrown as singles and pairs. A  pair of targets may be thrown as a true pair (or sim pair, i.e., thrown  at the same time), as a following pair (thrown sequentially), or on  report (the second clay launched on the report of the shooter’s gun).[4]  Numerous hunting conditions can be simulated by combining various  speeds and angles with different types of clay targets. Each station is  unique. Throughout a course, the shooters might see targets crossing  from either side, coming inward, going outward, flying straight up,  rolling on the ground, arcing high in the air, or thrown from towers.[3]  The possible target presentations are limited only by safety  considerations, the terrain, and the imagination of the course designer.  The configuration of the stations is often changed to maintain interest  for the shooters and for environmental preservation of the course..  Copied from Wikipaedia 

5 Stand


Five Stand Page

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Featured  at the lodge is our state-of-the-art 5 Stand clay range. Whether  wanting to sharpen your shooting skills or wanting to learn to shoot,  you will develop your marksmanship as you are tested by the challenge of  our seven premium grade Pro-Matic target machines creating multiple  game bird flight patterns. Our porch design provides the option of being  in or out of the weather elements as you prefer.

Often described  as the nicest 5 stand anywhere, the porch design provides the option of  being in or out of the weather elements as you prefer. There are chairs  and tables in the shade with over head fans for summer comfort.

The  course of fire is variable with 3 menus of increasing difficulty.  Targets include crossers, a rabbit, in incoming shot, and a wobble and  tower shot. 






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  • Lodge
  • Banquet Area
  • Outdoor Area
  • Pro Shop
  • Bedrooms
  • Full Bathrooms
  • Bird Cleaning Area
  • Large Fishing Pond
  • Fields for Bird Hunting and Dog Training

Pro Shop


Pro Shop Page

At Beaver Pond , we carry a wide variety of

  • Shotgun Shells
  • Hunting Clothes
  • Beretta Clothes
  • Boyt
  • Mud River
  • Bob Allen
  • Hats
  • Vests
  • Lanyards
  • Ropes
  • Ear and Eye Protection


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Sporting Clays

Quail Hunt

Pheasant Hunt



Enduring Gratitude



Enduring Gratitude website

 Enduring Gratitude's excursions  allow our servicemen and women to enjoy the outdoors, in small  groups, led by outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the sacrifices of our  military.

Quail Forever Chapter


Beaver Pond Quail Forever Chapter Page

Beaver Pond is starting a Quail Forever Chapter this Spring.

Banquet and Kick-off in May

Call or email us if interested in joining us.

Quail Hunting NC, Pheasant Hunting NC,Chukar Hunting NC, Sporting Clays NC

Shotgun Shooting Classes


Shooting Classes Page

The  perspective of a good shooting instructor can help your game and  sharpen your skills Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been  shooting for quite a while, some expert advice is always helpful. At  Beaver Pond you can get quality instruction in rifle and pistol as well  as shotgun. The NRA-Certified Shotgun, Rifle or Pistol Shooting  Certification is also available as well as Hunter Safety and North  Carolina Concealed Carry Certification. If you need firearms training or  certification, you can get it at Beaver Pond.