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Five Stand Clay Range

With three menus, the five-stand clay range is perfect for a casual round of shooting or a spirited shooting match among friends. It’s a place to practice before a hunt or hold a corporate outing. A unique open/covered porch design with tables and rockers gives shooters the option of shooting in or out of the elements. 

“Our Five Stand is as fine as they come,” says owner Johnny Miller. “It is a great asset to our shooting instruction because almost any shot can be set up with the push of a button. It offers right and left crossers, incoming targets, a tower shot, a rabbit and a wobble trap.” 

Typically, a five-stand range is configured for each shooter to have five shots from each of the five shooting stations, creating the standard 25 shot round. Five Stand simulates hunting because, in the course of firing 25 shots, you never shoot the same shot twice. For corporate events where there may be inexperienced shooters, there is a training station with an instructor available for new and experienced shooters to acclimate to the game. Great for lefties, too.

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