Upland Hunting


Quail, Chukar, & Pheasant

  This  is classic southern bird hunting, shooting at pointed birds over dogs.  Suspense grips you as you cautiously step in front of that quivering  nose. Much like hunting a busted covey for singles. Opportunities for  doubles are common, but only realized by a handful of shooters. Quail  and Chukar are the favorites and flush in singles with occasional covey  rises. A diverse hunt covering lots of habitat types. One to three  persons, full service or self-guided.  Quail Hunting NC , Chukar Hunting NC, Pheasant Hunting NC 


Driven Pheasant Hunting

  Comparable  to any plains hunt, this involves groups flushing ringneck pheasants  from field cover with retrievers. A great option for families and small  corporate teams. Challenging and exciting for any sportsman. Guided  only.  


European Tower Pheasant Hunts


 European Tower Shoot

Semi-stationary  hunt involving 10 or more shooters rotating around a 40 foot tower.  Birds are released from the tower and reach maximum wing speed by the  time they are overhead. Good fun for all ages and abilities

Pheasant Hunting NC, Chukar Hunting NC, Quail Hunting NC