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 In 2010 a group from the High Point area discussed the difficulties experienced by young men and women returning from Operation Enduring Freedom, our current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen are engaged in the longest war in the history of the United States and the size of our fighting force is the smallest it has been in recent history. As a result, our servicemen and women were experiencing multiple deployments; some as many as ten with three or four deployments during this time period being common. Many of these who’ve served multiple deployments are National Guard and Reserve, and not even full time soldiers. Thousands of first Little League games, dance recitals, births, and other milestone occasions in their lives and the lives of their families have been missed. As citizens who appreciate the sacrifices and efforts of these brave young men and women, the group formed Enduring Gratitude, a 501c3 Charitable Non-profit with the express purpose of providing these, who have volunteered, served, and sacrificed with a memorable experience in the outdoors as an expression of our gratitude. We have recently changed our eligibility to include all those who have served in conflicts and put their lives on the line for our freedom. Unlike many similar organizations, there are no paid employees of Enduring Gratitude. Since our inception, we’ve hosted multiple events including bird hunts, deer hunts, turkey hunts, and waterfowl hunts for soldiers across our state. Some events were small with only a half dozen or so participants and some were quite large with almost 60 veterans at the last Enduring Gratitude Pheasant Tower shoot at Beaver Pond Sporting Club. To make this happen, we need others like us who are grateful for the sacrifice of these men and women. doing this requires money, and volunteers and we’re counting on Americans like us to help make this happen. To make this one event happen, we need $21,600 in donations and about 60 volunteers. Please look into Enduring Gratitude and consider getting involved in thanking this new generation of heroes for their sacrifice.  We  are a broad based local organization that works with soldiers who have experienced battlefield trauma and those who have sacrificed by leaving the comfort of home and family to serve. Many of our Citizen Soldiers have done more than one tour in this current campaign and some as many as three.   Enduring Gratitude gives individuals, service organizations, churches, and corporate entities an opportunity to show their gratitude through donations with a public awareness campaign and fundraising events. Service organizations, companies and individuals could affiliate with OEG for a reasonable sponsorship fee which helps cover operating expenses for recruitment and general fund raising.    One hundred percent of all funds donated go to the events we hold. There are no paid employees of Enduring Gratitude. We  find candidates for our events through the Public affairs departments of North Carolina military bases as well as the National Guard and Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Reserve units.    The guides and preserves affiliated with us provide the trips and events at reduced rates that still cover their operating expenses. This is attractive to the providers since they have an opportunity to do something for our servicemen while generating media coverage which  promotes their services and raises their public image.  

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