Concealed Carry Classes

Classrom and Hands on


  • 8 hour class, of those 8 hours 2 hours are dedicated to legal issues  and 2  hours are for range time.  Instructors are law enforcement officers  with many years of experience.   You  must shoot 70% on a 30 round handgun course, 10 rounds at the 3 yard  line, 10 rounds at the 5 yard line, and 10 rounds at the 7 yard line.   All shooting is done with one  on one instruction, with emphasis on making the student comfortable  with the firearm, understanding how the firearm works and marksmanship  fundamentals.  If you do not have a firearm we will provide a .22  caliber handgun and ammunition for you at no additional  cost.   There  is 20 question exam that the student must pass with at least a 70%.   The material in the exam is thoroughly covered during the class then  reviewed prior to taking the  test.   Our  goal as instructors is to make the student aware of deadly force  situations and how to legally and personally deal with them.  We want no  student to leave our training  with unanswered questions regarding the use of deadly force by a  private citizen.   The  cost of the class is $80.00 and if you want a hot lunch prepared on  site there is an additional $5.00 fee.  The student will need to  purchase lunch on site or bring their  own, there are no eating establishments close by.
  • NC Concealed Carry Class   in   Alamance, Chatham, Burlington, Greensboro  



  •  8 hour class
  •  2 hours are dedicated to legal issues 
  • Individual instruction


Shooting Range Instruction


  • 2 hours are for range time 
  • Instructors are all Law Enforcement personnel
  • Pistols and ammo are available if needed



All form for your obtaining your permit are included 


Dates of Instruction

March 29th-Sunday

August 29th- Saturday

September 26th- Saturday

All classes start at 8 AM

This is an all day class

Includes Lunch

Cost $85

More info email Todd Kennedy

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