Dog Training NC

 We offer all levels of training from Basic Obedience to Finished Gun  Dogs. We work with all upland bird dog and waterfowl hunting breeds. 

Water Fowl Training

Retrieving, Blind Retrieves, Whistle and Hand 

Field Trials

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Basic Obedience Training

Six Basic Commands are taught





Whistle Commands

Hand Signal Commands

Dog Training NC

Hunting Dog Training NC

Retriever Training

  • All steps of basic obedience 
  • Introduction to water
  • Introduction to birds
  • Introduction to gunfire 
  • Be steady to a retrieve 
  • How to work in all types of    terrain
  • Delivery to hand (force fetching) 
  • How to run straight lines
  • Double and triple marks
  • Blind retrieves 
  • Hand signals  

Upland Bird Dog Training


  • All Steps of Basic Obedience
  • Introduction to birds
  • How to hold a point                 (Whoa Breaking)  
  • Introduction to gunfire
  • Steady to a wing and shot
  • How to work in different terrain
  • How to retrieve (force fetching)
  • How to honor

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